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Nomination at the head of TJP – Strasbourg

Kaori Ito appointed head of the TJP, the National Dramatic Center of Strasbourg-Grand-Est

A dancer and creator for 20 years, Kaori Ito has always worked from testimonies that she records and then uses to bring out the necessary movement that gives life, connects bodies together and makes the invisible exist.
She defends the transversality of art, the importance of the questions that obsess children and their involvement in the creative process.

Kaori Ito wants to make the TJP a place of transdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational theater. Inspired by Japanese philosophy, she relies on the art of repairing to write new stories with children and re-enchant the world.
She wishes to collect the dreams of children and give them substance through art. Committees of children and teenagers will be formed to choose which secrets will be put into creation, and work alongside the committee of artists and the TJP team to present a radio program and write a magazine, create a performance with an author for young readers and narrate life at the TJP using digital tools.

The programme will highlight hybrid theater and multidisciplinary artists, with a first season giving prominence to laughter.
Les Giboulées will concentrate more particularly on the body and the animate / inanimate object, from the traditional Japanese puppet Bunraku to the android robot. The biennial event will also be an opportunity to create a focus on multidisciplinary regional creation.
The TJP will also be involved in training courses for the hybrid actor and the reflection on the challenges of contemporary theater for young audiences.

For this first mandate, Kaori Ito will be surrounded by Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud (puppeteers), Olivier Martin Salvan (actor, director), Munstrum Théâtre (actors, directors), Justine Emard (digital visual artist), Juliette Steiner (director), La Belle Meunière (director, visual artist), Clément Dazin (director, juggler), Fabrice Melquiot (YA author, director), Emilie Flacher (puppeteer, YA director).


• Compagnie Himé receives funding from the BNP Paribas Foundation for the entirety of its projects.
• Compagnie Himé is supported by the French Culture Ministry – DRAC Ile de France, by the Île-de-France Region and the Val-de-Marne Department.
• Kaori Ito is an associate artist with Centre dramatique national de Normandie-Rouen, MAC Créteil and CENTQUATRE in Paris.
• Compagnie Himé is in artistic companionship with KLAP Maison pour la Danse and in residency at Fontenay en scène and at Théâtre du Fil de l’eau – Ville de Pantin
• The Compagnie Himé residency at Théâtre du Fil de l’eau – Ville de Pantin is supported by the Seine-Saint-Denis Departement.