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Strasbourg 1518

Strasbourg 1518

Directed by Jonathan Glazer
United-Kingdom, 2020

Inspired by a dancing mania episode that struck the city of Strasbourg about 500 years ago, this film is a collaboration between some of the greatest dancers in the world during lockdown.

“For ten minutes, the spectators watch the performers’ bodies move in frantic ways on an explosive techno track by Mica Levi. Produced during the lockdown, this short film uses dance as a cathartic medium, allowing the expression of contradictory feelings. The sharp and extended movements from the dancers contrast with the feeling of confinement created by the minimalist setting, between four walls, a floor and a ceiling. This project resonates as a call to freedom, letting the feelings of a five-star dance cast – including among others the Japanese prodigy Kaori Ito and the importer of African dance Germaine Acogny – take over their bodies. In an atmosphere oscillating between free expression and geographic restriction, a unique personality radiates from this project, in line with the conceptual work of Jonathan Glazer.” Allan Lemarchand / Numéro



• Compagnie Himé receives funding from the BNP Paribas Foundation for the entirety of its projects.
• Compagnie Himé is supported by the French Culture Ministry – DRAC Ile de France, by the Île-de-France Region and the Val-de-Marne Department.
• Kaori Ito is an associate artist with MAC Créteil and CENTQUATRE in Paris.
• Compagnie Himé is in artistic companionship with KLAP Maison pour la Danse and in residency at Fontenay en scène and at Théâtre du Fil de l’eau – Ville de Pantin
• The Compagnie Himé residency at Théâtre du Fil de l’eau – Ville de Pantin is supported by the Seine-Saint-Denis Departement.